Blog Post Update #111 - Vocal First Aid Kit

VOCAL FIRST AID KIT For any singer that does regular “gigs”, shows, studio sessions, tour dates, or even auditions, it is wisdom to keep a “Vocal First Aid Kit” handy.  Just as you probably keep a First Aid Kit in your car for physical emergencies, when your livelihood depends on your voice, it’s very smart to be able to take care of any Vocal emergencies you might have.  Personally, I think a Travel-Size Cooler works really well for holding all these supplies. It keeps everything together in one place, along with a List of Contents , which you need to keep updated after every use, so that it’s ready to go for the next time you need it. Of course, make CERTAIN to have plenty of water or water bottles , which you have LABELED with your name so that no one else "shares".  Here are the suggested contents for your kit: “ Local” honey with PLASTIC SPOONS (if in a jar, keep jar in a Ziploc bag to avoid sticky spillage).  “Local” honey is f

I KNOW...Long Time, No Hear From Me! Breaking the Fourth Wall. What IS the 4th Wall?

On Stage, like in ANY room, there are FOUR walls: there is the Right Wall (Stage Right, which is the Audience's LEFT Side of the Stage as THEY look at the Stage); the Left Wall (Stage Left or the Audience's RIGHT Side of the Stage as THEY look at the Stage); the Back Wall ( or what we Performers call UP Stage); and FINALLY, where the Audience is sitting, or the FOURTH WALL. Normally as Performers, we do not "Break" the Fourth Wall, which means we don't look out into the Fourth Wall as if to look AT anything or, more specifically, ANYONE SPECIFICALLY. HOWEVER, there ARE occasions which mark exceptions.

Blog Post #110 - How to Do a Voiceover Audition for Animation

         I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a very talented, brilliant friend of mine who is also an amazingly gifted Singer, Actor, Dancer, and especially, Voiceover Artist. Her name is Julie Maddelena Kliewer, and I asked her to “Guest Write” a Blog Post about “How to Audition for A Voiceover Job”. She produced the wonderful post below on auditioning for Voiceover work for Original “Animation” projects. Julie has had LOTS of experience in this field including roles in “Ever After High” and “Monster High”. She has worked on the stage as a Live actor, and behind the microphone, as well. Enjoy these wonderful words of wisdom from Julie, and be sure to contact her for more information on her classes and experience through the information at the end of the Post. Here is her terrific contribution:           For the sake of simplicity, lets focus in on one aspect of the voiceover industry today: auditioning for original animation.          When you receive a